90 Coffee Website Designs

Let me admit that i’m a big addict of coffee and i usually need at least one large cup of coffee before starting something new. I can’t think of anyone around me who can work without coffee. A quick shot of caffeine is the best way to get rid of sleep during working hours. People who work unsocial hours or through the nights may suffer a form of “jet lag” due to disruption of their body clock. Coffee performed much better and at the same time their memory, attention, perception and reasoning also improved.

You may also know that almost all famous coffee providers and suppliers have their own website to remark their online identity to improve their sales. In this article, we’re showcasing 90 Beautifully Delicious Coffee Website Designs for your design inspiration.

40 primjera stranica “U izradi” za inspiraciju

Many websites will have found themselves in a position where they are making major changes, setting up a new website with a large profile, and so on. You want your users to be kept up-to-date with development, but don’t want them to see the site as it is being built. This is where an under construction page comes into play. It is basically a single page website that will keep your users aware of progress, as well as several other common functions during the building process of your site. Normal features include a newsletter sign up, some kind of percentage graph, and social media integration.

90+ Web Stranica na WordPressu

Kao i sam web tutorijali.hdonweb.com dostupne su mnoge druge stranice u čijoj pozadini se krije CMS WordPress. Moram priznati da se radi o odličnom alatu, pa ako planirate prelazak ili pokretanje nekakvog svog web projekta pogledajte preko 90 primjera stranica.

Inspiracija za dobre palete boja

Najzahtjevniji dio kod samog stvaranja novog dizajna je pogoditi pravu paletu boja kako bi se dobio skladan i lijep dizajn. Stoga u ovom tutorijalu donosim popis odličnih online izvora po tom pitanju.